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The European shipping industry publishes position paper on the EU Green Deal

On the occasion of the European Shipping Week, ECSA – the European Community Shipowners’  Associations – has launched its position paper in response to the EU Green Deal proposed by the new European Commission.

“The shipping industry is fully committed to eradicating its GHG emissions completely as soon as possible in this century,” said Claes Berglund, ECSA’s President, as in line with the ambitious targets agreed for the sector by its global regulator, the UN International Maritime Organisation.”

The newly-published position paper is the policy response of the industry towards the European Commission’s ambitious EU Green Deal.

The document welcomes and supports the EU’s ambition to take the lead in fighting climate change. Within this context, the European shipping industry aims to be an active contributor to the IMO discussions on both short-term and long-term measures, and seeks the EU’s support for a coordinated and holistic approach at the UN body.

In direct response to the EU Green Deal, the industry lays down 8 points where the EU can do together with the shipping industry:

Take the lead in the international regulatory process
Incentivise the modal shift in transport from roads and air to ferries and short sea shipping – need for an ambitious strategy
Research and Development – make the EU a frontrunner in low- and zero-carbon technologies
Port call optimisation
Shore power and infrastructure for alternative fuels
Establish a green financing programme for the electrification of ferries
Use the offshore potential for renewable energy

For further details, please download the position paper here.

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