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“Ready to start again”: this is the mantra in which to believe, this is our hope, indeed, our conviction

After the long break due to the Covid-19 we are pleased to announce that the Museo Barca Lariana – Lake Como International Museum of Vintage Boats (www.museobarcalariana.it) is ready to start again, offering all visitors free entry for the 2020 season.

Several are the news for visitors:

New elevated outdoor walkways that will allow visitors to visit the historic steamer “Balilla” and the traditional gondola “Giulia” from a new perspective: no longer only from the bottom up but also from top to bottom.

Another novelty is the exhibition of two new boats:

The hydrofoil “Freccia dei Gerani” (Arrow of the Gerans), the last example of its type of hydrofoil, built in 1977, which carried out the line service in Lake Como carrying with its almost 22 meters in length, commuters and tourists until 2016. Saved from its demolition, today it is part of our prestigious collection.

The boat “The Nibbio”, a small boat also saved from its demolition.

A new lake terrace that returns an unparalleled view of rare beauty on Lake Como.

With the reopening, all anti-contagion security measures have been implemented. Temperature with thermoscanner will be detected at the entrance and if it is above the norm you will be prompted to reschedule the visit.

The use of the face mask will be mandatory and a special horizontal signage will help visitors to comply with the rules of social distancing.

You do not need to book online, which is mandatory for guided tours, for groups of up to 10 people and for participation in the various activities planned at the Museum.

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