Peacoq the Flying Monohull will be presented at the « boot » show in Düsseldorf

This dinghy with retractable foils will be shown among the latest innovations in term of sailing performance in Hall 15 stand F 57 of the prestigious international boat show “boot” in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 21st to 29th January.

The Peacoq allows sailors to learn to fly but not only: indeed, the first remarkable feature is the stability of the hull. Meanwhile its usage and its control are very much closed to what is already done with a classic dinghy. Once flying foils angle can be trimmed thus increasing or decreasing lifting force to go higher, faster, further. The helm can also play to put the bow up or down depending on if it flies in upwind direction or downwind direction.
The boat flies high:
● At least 50 cm above the water.
● Maximum boat speed 20-25 knots downwind, 18-20 knots upwind.
● Wind speed for take-off: 10-12 knots in double.

Manufacturing process:
100% made in France, the hull deck and foil casing are made in vacuum infusion.
Foil casing, Boat transom, rudder and holding ruder box, as well as the rakers blocks are full carbon. For the construction the shipyard uses carbon fiber and glass fiber as well as epoxy resin.

The boat’s identity sheet: a foiling monohull with a lot of power

The Peacoq is a concentrate of technology with a speed record of 25 knots. The dinghy can be sailed in three complementary modes:
Downwind flight mode with three foils immerged in the water.
Upwind flight mode with 2 foils in the water and maximum speed
Displacement mode to go back to the shore wisely with foils retracted
Thanks to ingenious systems, each “main foil” has an adjustable incidence during the flight. This means that the lift of each foil can be increased or reduced during the flight according to various factors: the wind strength, the weight of the crew, the point of sail in relation to the wind. In addition, the helmsman can use a line of deflection to decide whether to fly with the bow up or down (bow-up; bow-down). Finally, Northsails aramid sails guarantee a good profile to avoid canting and thus to maintain a high-performance flight.
The Peacoq is the result of extensive design work to have a great racing machine.

Peacoq and its team will be at the boat show in Düsseldorf to explain this innovation such as the foil retraction system, foils shape and rakers system.

Test tour in Bavaria in August 2023:

For the second year everybody will be able to test the Peacoq on the beautiful lakes of Bavaria in Germany next summer.

Overall length: 4.70m
Beam with retracted foils: 2m
Beam with extended foils: 4m
No specific foiling skills required
Wind conditions required to sail Peacoq: between 3 and 25 knots
Double handed or solo handed
Mainsail: 9.5m² with its deck sweeper
Self-tacking jib: 3.5m²
Fitting: Harken
Rakers system
Appendages: Composite rudder and aluminium daggerboard
Rudder blade and daggerboard with lift system
Bowsprit in carbone fiber
Self-leveling J foils: Folding foil system
Weight of the boat equipped: 140kg
Maximum weight supported: 160kg (2 adults)
Architect: Mmprocess
Price: 28 000 € without taxes

Code zero: 10 m² or 13m²
Launching trolley
Road trailer
Foils anti-dust covers

Take part in the foil revolution and fly with the Peacoq!

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Instagram: peacoq_sailing
Facebook: Peacoq
YouTube: Peacoq channel

Photo Credit: Armand Hubler