Fairmount Sherpa moved Egyptian drilling rig

Tug Fairmount Sherpa has successfully towed jack-up drilling rig Baharia I to her new position in the Zeit Bay oil field in the Gulf of Suez. The Fairmount Sherpa is one of five supertugs owned by Rotterdam based Fairmount Marine.

The rig move for Egyptian oil company Zeitco came just after delivering the semi submersible drilling rig Noble Paul Romano in the North Hap’y oilfield in the Greater Nile basin offshore Egypt, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, after being towed from Jamaica. The Fairmount Sherpa was mobilized via the Suez Channel towards the Zeit Bay oil field in the south western part of the Gulf of Suez.

After arrival of the Fairmount Sherpa on location the towing connection with the rig Baharia I was established. The tow was completed without problems. At her new drilling location the Baharia I started immediately with the jack-up operation. During this operation the Fairmount Sherpa remained connected with the rig for safety reasons.

Upon release, the Fairmount Sherpa demobilized trough the Suez Canal to her next assignment.
Fairmount Marine is a marine contractor for ocean towage and heavy lift transportation, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Fairmount’s fleet of tugs consists of five modern super tugs of 205 tons bollard pull each, especially designed for long distance towing. Fairmount Marine is part of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group.