UIM XCAT World Championship 2021 – Dubai Grand Prix

We are going live with the UIM XCAT World Championship! Following a hair-raising inaugural race in Fujairah for the Fujairah Grand Prix, the Cats are back on the majestic shores of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai for the Dubai Grand Prix.

With Dubai Police, backed by its namesake, (boat n. 3) achieving three out of three, with three podium spots in as many races; drivers Arif Al Zaffain (UAE) and Nadir Bin Hendi (UAE) are currently in first position and are looking to extend their current form. The Monegasquan Tomaso Polli and Italian Matteo Nicolini (boat n. 6) are currently in second place, whilst Team Abu Dhabi 5 (boat n. 5), helmed by Rashed Al Tayer (UAE) and Majed Al Mansoori (UAE) lie in third place.

Sebastiano Pellecchia, Sports Director at the UIM XCAT World Championship, commented, “After a great start in Fujairah for the Fujairah Grand Prix, we are very happy to be back in magnificent Dubai for the Grand Finale of the Championship. Thanks to the support of our historical partner, the Dubai International Marine Club, and all of the Local Authorities, the race is set to be one of the most hair-raising events in powerboat racing.”

Overtaking can be particularly tricky in powerboating, so this race will contain an exciting new addition, the X-Point Procedure, or in other words a passing lane. Meaning that should a boat find itself 2-seconds behind the one preceding it, it may take an alternative route facilitating overtaking, making the race even more exciting!

Buckle up for the pinnacle of powerboat racing, the UIM XCAT World Championship.

Any parties interested in receiving the live feed for the Dubai Grand Prix may find the RTMP below:

Main Server: rtmp://d022fb.entrypoint.cloud.wowza.com/app-1B9vjj52/2041ad04

VIDEO: UIM XCAT World Championship – Fujairah Grand Prix – Day 5 Highlights