Sail across the length and breadth of Italy with the Nastro Rosa Tour!

Nastro Rosa Tour 2022

The Nastro Rosa Tour is an innovative and spectacular Italian concept. For its second edition, it is set across eight stages along the coasts and lighthouses of the Mediterranean Sea. The stages include: Genova on the 11th of June, La Madallena on the 15th of June, Formia on the 19th of June, Crotone on the 23rd of June, Brindisi on the 26th of June, Vieste on the 30th of June, Ancona on the 4th of July and Venezia on the 6th of July.

The tour will feature three thrilling disciplines, representing the most modern equivalents within the world of sailing, Offshore/ Figaro 3, Inshore/Waszp and Board/Kite Foiling & Wing. Ten international crews are expected to participate.

Photo Credits: Nastro Rosa Tour