Seminario “Digitalisation Pathways for Shipping”, 20 Gennaio 2020, presso Sala Antonio d’Amico-Confitarma

Digitalisation Pathways for Shipping 20 January 2020 from 14.30 to 18.00 At Confitarma, Sala Antonio d’Amico, Piazza SS. Apostoli,66 – Roma

Atena Roma and Lloyd’s Register, kindly hosted by Confitarma, have the pleasure to invite you to the Digitalization Pathways for Shipping Seminar.

We will discuss why digitalisation is now key to remain competitive in the market, and what this means for your business going forward. We will explore the opportunities you have to evolve, transform and disrupt your company and the market, and discuss your digitalisation pathways choices ahead.

The industry is transforming through digitalisation, creating new opportunities for business value and success, whilst in parallel presenting new challenges to business survival.

The below topics will be covered through a mixture of presentation, examples and discussion:

What does digitalisation mean for business?
What does digitalisation mean for shipping?
Drivers for digital transformation
Drivers for digital disruption
What are the digitalisation pathways ahead for your business that will create new business value through evolving, transforming and disrupting?

Presenter: Luis Benito (Digital Transformation Director, LR Marine & Offshore), together with members of the Marine & Offshore Innovation team.

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