Monaco Yacht Show is the stage for the début of Swan 120 – the new flagship by Nautor

With the announcement of the New Maxi Era of performance Swan Superyachts – the launch of the new Swan 88, the first Swan with a hybrid propulsion and the Swan 108 last Spring, Nautor’s Swan has paved the way for the Swan 120 début in Monaco, during the Monaco Yacht Show.

The 120 project announced at the same show in 2018, has now become reality and represents the infinite possibilities Nautor offers its clients to make their Swan unique.
The Swan 120 brings together the skill and craftsmanship of Nautor’s boatbuilding tradition, the innovation of new technical solutions and in addition, a fully custom interior, which for this first hull has a Mark Whiteley signature.

Together with the Swan 120, her smaller sister, the Swan 98 will be on display, marking a strong signal by Nautor to conquer the sailing superyacht segment, offering a new approach to life onboard, with architectural and stylistic choices that reflect the tastes of the owners – offering extreme comfort, innovative solutions always respecting the pillars of the brand DNA: Performance, Innovation, Quality and Elegance.
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ClubSwan 125, launched last July and built to go faster than the wind marks an important milestone in the history of Nautor.
The Yacht, which sees the cooperation of the most brilliant minds in the marine industry hit the water in Pietarsaari, rounding off a complex and challenging project but with the end-result exceeding all expectations.
The great achievement at the Rolex Fastnet Race, with Skorpios winning the title of Monohull line of honours made the team behind the project and the crew all very proud.
Please download here the full press kit and the videos.

The ClubSwan 80 is the latest in the ClubSwan family with the aim of creating a new class of one-design yachts in the Maxi yacht segment.
Performance is the pillar of this project. The first unit is under construction at Persico Marine, a strategic partner. The choice of this key player for the build comes from the values of innovation and technology that both companies share.
The hull lamination is now close to completion, with the last structural parts in the keel area being finalised, then the systems’ fit operations will commence from the engine room, while the bulkhead structural lamination will be completed too.
In parallel the deck dry fit will proceed so that by mid-October the ‘deck on’ hull stage will be achieved as planned.
The construction schedule is therefore progressing to meet the first hull hitting the water by Spring 2022.
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The Swan 88 is based on an evolution of the brand’s previous popular yachts but with the addition of various innovative features never seen before on a Swan. The yacht is a beauty, with a distinctly feminine elegance to her lines while delivering a superyacht experience on a hull platform that is both efficient and easy to maintain.
The new project features the possibility of a diesel-electric propulsion platform, alternative to the traditional diesel powered shaft-line, with the possibility of adding several packages that are implementing the new “green&blue” Swan sustainability philosophy.
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SWAN 108
Positioned between the Swan 98 and Swan 120, the Swan 108 is based on the evolution of previous Maxi Swans, particularly in regard to the exterior lines, but with the addition of innovative solutions.
Designed with moderate freeboards like every Swan yacht, this new model offers seaworthiness, great comfort at sea also in very rough conditions, and handles gently in waves.
This model sees the cooperation of a team of international designers, Germàn Frers, Misa Poggi and Lucio Micheletti, with their expertise gained in different fields from automotive to residential architecture, opening the way to solutions never seen on a sailing yacht, while preserving the renowned Swan DNA.


Positioned between the Swan 98 and Swan 120, the Swan 108 is based on the evolution of the previous Maxi Swan, particularly in regard to the exterior lines, but with the addition of innovative solutions never applied before by the Finnish yard.

The Swan 108 is synonymous with elegance and beauty in the perfect Swan’s DNA.
“Last December I anticipated the plan to have a bigger sister to the Swan 88 to fill the space between the Swan 98 and Swan 120,” says Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO. “It was an anticipation that we are here to announce officially. With awe-inspiring teamwork of international designers– German Frers, Misa Poggi and Lucio Micheletti – we have been able to design and sell the first Swan 108. This yacht is the expression of our philosophy: she draws on the amazing heritage we have at Nautor and sets a new and contemporary tone.”

Designed with moderate freeboards like every Swan yacht, this new model offers seaworthiness, great comfort at sea also in very rough conditions, and handles gently in waves.
She is a proper bluewater yacht with great performance and able to compete at top level when required.
The innovative deck layout comes in two solutions for the cockpit. The owner can choose a step in the aft deck area or a completely flush deck. Both solutions mean that the area is suitable for sunbathing or just as a lounge area to sit and relax.

“We always start a project with a clean slate as a way to investigate and double check the choices available and to match the briefs from the sales force closely” says German Frers. “there is no specific change you need to make once you go over a 100’ but just continue observing the mathematics and laws of physics. Specifically: length changes linearly, areas are squared, volume is cubed, stability varies to the 4th exponent”.

The innovative coachroof is beautiful yet functional with an extra-large companionway leading to the saloon to give an idea of continuity with the cockpit. Innovation isn’t only in style but also functionality, for example helm stations have been moved forward and in a higher position to enhance visibility and control of the yacht bringing the aft part of the cockpit completely available for sunbathing, relaxation and the beach club area.
“The Swan 108 conveys to future owners an idea of beauty starting from her natural elegance,” says designer Lucio Micheletti. “We revisited the shapes and technical surfaces of the coachroof, modeling the lines to reach a point of maximum balance by playing with aerodynamics and proportions. We wanted a shape smoothed by the wind where the essential and dynamic lines were enhanced. We needed to find a new and timeless style that carries the Swan brand forward, a boat conceived around a new luxury where the future reinterprets the classic.”

The sail plan takes advantage of the brand’s experience in building performance cruiser yachts for efficiency and easily managed sailing. For the mainsail any possibility, from the cruising oriented in-boom furling to racing square top mainsail, is available, while the long base of the fore triangle allows having up to four stays to divide the forward sail area.
The interiors, designed by Nautor’s interior team and Misa Poggi, offer great livability and comfort for both the owner and guests. The yacht has an owner’s suite forward plus three guest cabins complete with private heads.

“Air, light, space: these are the three pillars I bear in mind while designing a Swan,” says interior designer Misa Poggi. “I work with materials and colours obtained from a careful selection, thinking above all about the tactile and visible sensation to achieve different moods. I choose light colours to give an idea of breadth and dark colors for a more intimate atmosphere. Everything should give the idea of being immersed in a bright space in perfect harmony with the outside.”
The Swan 108 offers great privacy to both owner and crew, who have a separate area with three cabins and a crew mess.

The interiors present a very bright and light saloon, with three levels of windows creating a spectacular atmosphere.